Monday, January 5, 2009

Hey There, Stodgy Legs Elf!

Hilarious blog -- keep up that runnin' 'n' eatin' right and we look forward to watching "Stodgy Legs" cross over the finish line in the fall as "Sassy Legs" herself!

Yer Lovin' Auntie Lin

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello Family!

Welcome to our family blog (which replaces the Me Old Bamboo site). If you want to be able to post on this blog, you need an account on You also need to tell me which email you used to make an account.

This is sort of like an old-fashioned on-going family news letter. Feel free to share news and photos of your family!

For people new to family shared blogging, take a look at Dave's family blog to get an idea of how it is done:

Feel free to ask questions if you can't figure all this out. I hope you join in and play!